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's the inside story. ♪ >> hello, i'm ray suarez, for decades boeing in the seattle region have been nearly synonymous. governors have worked hard to make it happy, and elected officials from the state has been supported by them, and the company has maintained it needs more than that to be competitive. when union negotiations got difficult, it showed it would ready to go elsewhere for its labor. what the company got and what it got is symbolic of what it takes in the new world in labor and tax policy or a troubling way to do business? >> tonight our members accepted boeing's proposal. >> reporter: in a deal passed by the slimmest of margins, boeings' machinist accepted a contract to build the boeing 777 x in the region. a cost of living and so thousand dollars signing bonus for current employees. >> tonight washington state secured it's future as aerospace capitol of the world. tonight boeing announced that the carbon fiber wing assembly and the fuselage assembly work will be done in the state of utah. >> reporter: boeing employs 174,000 people with 85,000 in and around the seattle area. th
's tenth attempt to seal a deal since being sworn in as secretary of state. >>> after a close vote, boeing workers have approved a contract extension. there was emotional reaction after it was announced the contract passed by 51%. the machinist's union's local leadership had called on workers to oppose the deal. and boeing refused to leave if an agreement was not reached. dominic di-natale has more. >> reporter: hey, paris, perhaps no surprise, in the end it came down to a wafer-thin yes, paris, by a mere 600 votes, the boeing triple 7 x will be built in puget sound. boeing had demanded a $9 billion extra tax break and a new contract with the machinist's union that would move workers weigh from the traditional pensionin pensi pensions. iam, which is the head of the union, called for the members to reject the move if the long beach, california, was tipped as a possible site. well, after the ballot, workers clearly felt mixed about the deal. take a listen, paris? >> i think it is worth the gamble, all right here in the puget sound. >> i think the main thing is to try to keep boeing in this l
is wearing. >> a big win for boeing. on friday the company reached an agreement with its largest union in return for promising to keep construction of its newest jet in the seattle area. at the heart of the new lineup of commercial jets. no risk for a strike for years to come. george ferguson is a senior analyst. how important was it for boeing to win these concessions? what did they want? the company received some attractive offers. needed a carryy to get concessions out of the union. careful because competition is going to get much more intense in the future. the triple seven do not have a competitor until 2004. we think they are fighting for this airplane. toing has to produce -- has push down the cost of producing an airplane. i think this is the best that boeing really had to get some of those union wages in place. how competitive will production costs be now that boeing has one these concessions versus what -- >> there have been a lot of challenges moving it out of state. boeing has simply -- boeing has been working on the 787. it has been a very expensive proposition for them. >
for pensions everywhere. will boeing fly out of seattle leaving 10,000 jobs behind? we're live on the front lines because even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: it is our top story tonight. 31,000 jobs and more than $10 billion worth of orders are at risk for boeing today. the plain manufacturer's local and international unions clashing over a new contract proposal with just hours to go until the votes are in. what is being called an unprecedented decision, boeing says it will move the entire production of its 777x model if unions don't agree with its terms. go right to fox news's dan springer, live in washington with mo. more. dan, do you have some feeling one way or the other how this is going to go? >> well, i can tell you turnout is strong, melissa. what i'm hearing it will be a very close vote, certainly a lot closer than it was back in mid-november when a similar offer from boeing was rejected by the membership, by a whopping 2 to 1 margin. >> democracy works. we voted. it's over. >> since that vote, we have seen the union fighting itself frankly. the internat
blankets the north-east. >> critical vote - boeing says yes to building the new xxx liner. >> and secretary of state john kerry gets is not so warm welcome in the west bank. >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live from new york city. >> digging out of the snow after a new year storm slams the north-east. at least 16 people were killed in blizzard-like conditions. the governors of new york and new jersey declared states of emergency. in boston temperatures are expected to reach zero degrees. the cold snap is not over, and reporters - forecasters say prepare for another blast. richelle carey has more. >> the first winter storm of 2014 delivered. almost 2 feet of sydney in parts of massachusetts, 18 in new york, and parts of ramont the wind chill made it fill like 29 below, cold enough to cause frostbite in half an hour. in maine, it's 45 below. >> i'm layered up. >> many major highways were closed. more than 10,000 flights across the u.s. were delayed or cancelled because of the storm. residents in new york city were asked to stay home and warm. shelters filled with m
,000 boeing machinsts voted on a critical labor contract today, with billions of dollars and thousands of jobs on the line. if workers agree to concessions on pension and health care benefits, boeing will build its new 777x jetliner and wings in seattle. if they reject the contract, boeing has said it will look to a number of other states interested in hosting a new factory. a final tally is expected late tonight. we'll have more on what's at stake later in the program. in economic news, 2013 turned out to be the best single year for the auto industry in the past six. ford led all major automakers with an with an 11% jump in sales, chrysler and nissan trailed behind at 9%, and general motors ended the year up 7%. the month of december didn't see such a brisk sales pace, attributed in part to bad winter weather and a black friday shopping surge in november. stocks on wall street continued to have a sluggish start on the second day of trading in the new year. the dow jones industrial average gained 28 points to close at nearly 16,470. the nasdaq fell 11 points to close above 4,131. for the week,
for aircraft giant boeing have approved a contract proposal to work on the 777 x jetliner. it keeps construction of the plane in the washington region but in return cuts pension and healthcare benefits. it is the biggest private employer in the state providing 80,000 jobs. >> reporter: it seems that it was a combination of immediate cash and the promise of future jobs that brought this yes vote a very close vote, 51-49%. boeing machinists who voted yes were not in evidence tonight here at the main human wall in seattle. >> i believe it's not good for us. i believe it takes away all of our power to negotiate with boeing on an equal footing. >> they're obviously deeply divided, they were very scared from the day of the last vote. they've had pressure every day from outside sources, and you know, people felt they didn't have a choice. no one who cast a ballot today were happy about this vote or how it came down. >> reporter: boeing machinists will see their pensions phased out in a couple of years. they will be changed into 401ks to which the company will contribute. there is a signing
in december. phone versus plastic. which wins the security test? boeing -- crucial vote today over where it is going to make its next big jetty the 777. i hope you already brought your new york apartment. professional bull riders are coming right here to new york city. first up, the snow and lots of it. plenty of subzero windchill. hundreds of canceled flights. winter storm smacking the northeast. huge delays at chicago o'hare. almost two feet of snow fell in boston. western new york saw about a foot in the half of the white at this point, more may be on its way out, but does that mean we are in the clear? >> i'd like to say it is moving away from whoever is impacted by it, but importantly, the storm is still impacting so many people because we are getting the rain, wind, and snow across much of the ease but bitterly cold wind chill. it is so cold it is -15 in some areas, -20 and others. you can see the wind off to the coast. that in the blue. dangerous windchill will continue. >> brutal temperatures making it very hard for people who have to work outside. who is most at risk? >> i wrote
big thing in long-haul jets faces a very big test today and boeing is putting it to a vote. les, a target bull's-eye. circling the wagon over the data breach. we have two voices who say worry not about your own digital security. russian president vladimir putin is not afraid of the snow. he hit the slopes in sochi where the winter olympics begin in just a few weeks. ismade a few runs so sochi safe following those two deadly bombings earlier this week. all right, give it your best. ♪ and shops, send in the category. target faces at least 40 lawsuits related to their breach of 40 million credit cards and debit cards. lawyers behind the suit seeking class-action status. it was only a matter of time. seriously, how big of a deal is this? >> putting data out there, but so what? it is very well protected. it is not a big deal. i have a target card and i shop there and my count has not been compromised. the card companies and the bangs cover that if it is. it is not that big of a deal. >> that was a cofounder of square which makes that white square box that plugs in a smartphones of
years. >> axelrod: jeff, thank you. airplane manufacturer boeing says it will now keep thousands of jobs in the seattle area after a tight union vote barely went it's way. but as don daylor tells us, some are accusing boeing of using fear as a tactic to win painful concessions. >> reporter: by the narrowest of margins, 51%, the machinist union voted to accept an eight year contract with boeing. in return for a $15,000 signing bonus, workers reluctantly agreed to give up their valuable pensions and switch to a 401k type retirement plan in two years. some employees are bitter, saying boeing is squeezing its workers even when the company is flush with profits. >> i feel a lot of our people were scared, because of what they've been told, over and over and over during christmas break. and when you have a gun to your head eventually you're going to give in and say, "okay, i give." >>reporter: the gun he's referring to was boeing's threat to move out of washington state. after the union originally rejected the contract in november, boeing began wooing 22 other states. there was fierce competiti
talked to a multigenerational worker, a worker whose father had worked for boeing, among many, and he felt difficult to vote anything other than a hard union line even if it makes some very big changes. >> i feel like if boeing wants to leave, that they're probably better to just go. all of us are working people and we'll find another job, to be completely honest. i worked before i went to boeing and i'll work after i leave. >> and exactly how much work will stay in this area is a big question. 20 other states have made birds to help boeing -- bids to help boeing builder the 777x, the huge composite plastic wing that that will use and also work with future airplanes attached to those plastic deposits. the most-- composites. the most importantly thing people are taking issue with is the petroleum by boeing to convert a traditional pension into a 401(k) plan. that would happen several years from now in this contract proposal which would last through 2024. a very long time. a lot of the boeing workers we've talked to say they don't believe the company is going to move this out of state.
at not traveling today. >> a significant vote by boeing workers today. unionized machinists, particularly in the seattle area, prepare to vote on a contract extension tied to the boeing 777 airliner. thousands of jobs are at stake here. .he job would cut benefits is this the biggest deal in 10 years for boeing? is it a huge deal or just another argument? >> this is a very big deal for the union because what boeing 777x to is shopped the a number of states saying what are the most attractive credit and tax exemptions. >> do you think this one can be used as -- >> without question, this could be a precedent-setting incident, which is why ralph nader is all over it. facebook is being sued over allegations it intercepts users private messages and profits by sharing the information with advertisers and marketers when users compose messages that include links to third-party websites. tom is getting agitated here. information is searched for to profile. violating the electronic act andations privacy california privacy law. >> are you really that surprised? >> we believe the allegations are witho
on the car makacar tarmac. >> a huge vote for boeing on a deal that would keep manufacturing for the new 777 xshg in the seattle area. will the union members defy their leaders and say yes to the deal? if so, could that really break the union? and the "wall street journal" picks six ceos who might well be in trouble in 2014. ceos on the hot seat, we will name some names. first to sue who is here warm, safe, at headquarters. >> that's right. it's snowy and cold out there and if you're home today, because of the snow, making some early 2014 investing decisions here's where we stand at 1:00 p.m. eastern time here on a snowy east coast. the dow jones industrial average up 20 points, 16,461 and change. the s&p, last trade there is down a half a point. and the nasdaq composite right now is also down by about 12 points. on a percentage basis it's the loser today. the russell 2,000 up a quarter of a percent or about 3 points. yield on the ten-year note coming in just under the 3% mark. we did touch up against 3% earlier. gold after a huge move earlier this week is up another 12 bucks. nat gas is up
times. >>> boeing makes a deal that keeps things right there in seattle. >>> winning the war on designer drugs, why german officials are concerned about the drugs especially among the youth. >> shocking... >> being babtist...they always talk about don't judge other people.. but they judge everybody... >> the conversations people are talking about >> forget the democrat party and forget the reublican party, they're all one party... >> talk to al jazeea on al jazeera america. >> an exclusive "america tonight" investigative series >> we traveled here to japan to find out what's really happening at fukushima daiich >> three years after the nucular disaster, the hidden truth about the ongoing cleanup efforts and how the fallout could effect the safety of americans >> are dangerous amounts of radioactive water, leaking into the pacific eververyday? >> join america tonight's michael okwu for an exclusive four part series, as we return to fukushima only on al jazeera america >> the workers union for boeing will keep the building of 77 x in washington. but in return it will bring cuts to healthca
tonight. union members at boeing are voting right now on whether to take a new deal from the company or reject it and put their jobs in jeopardy. dan springer has the latest tonight. [ chanting ] >> reporter: there has been anything but union solidarity in everett, washington, since boeing, the world's biggest airplane maker, threatened to move 12,000 high paying jobs out of the area if the machinist didn't vote yes on a contract extension. boeing wants to free pensions and move to a 401(k). members rejected the offer by a two to one objection and they vote to build the 77 x and the cutting-edge composite wings before choosing from 24 bid sites in 24 states, boeing tweaked its offer to the union. the local district 751 resisted. >> if we bring an offer every time boeing comes with a list of demands what, good is it to have a contract in place. it lends legitimacy that any time they come with commands, we have to bring it to a vote. >> reporter: jay inslee issued a statement saying i believe the machinists should have the opportunity to exercise that right. we are in a perilous point
facing boeing's largest union. thousands of jobs are at stake. we will tell you the significant details. signed, sealed, delivered -- congress will look to end saturday delivery as it tries to trim the postal budget. we are back with that story as well in just two minutes. ♪ >> congress comes back from break next week and tackling the postal service budget is one item on the agenda. and a lot -- netflix are lobbying hard against ending saturday service. what is the argument from the company perspective, megan hughes? >> if you take away saturday delivery, you take away a service they offer customers. options are other carriers, but they might bring more expenses. --ommerce companies -- ebay they handle the five percent of ebay shipments. -- cvs says five million packages of prescription drugs go out every single saturday. financial service companies -- .pmorgan, american express they have exposure forms and statements. they are lobbying against this. greeting card companies, hallmark, netflix, and even time warner cable which has magazine subscription services. january will be a criti
temperatures after digging out from the first major snow storm of the year. wheeling and dealing, boeing lands a 777 x. >> the family of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead are given the go ahead to move her to another facility >> a rescue gone wrong as another ship is stuck in the antarctica. iranians >> good morning, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live from new york city. the first snow storm of the year is over. millions of americans are bracing for bitter cold conditions. forecasters say the next few days could bring some of the coldest temperatures in two decades. the wind chill factor may broach 50 below zero. the governor of new york and new jersey declared state of emergency, and temperatures are expected to reach zero degrees. the windchill is in effect until 5am in the morning. these viz ris are issued when chill factors are minus 10 degrees for at least three hours. across the north-west and midwest it is not expected to go above zero. minneapolis faces a bitter 15 degrees. the mercury in chicago is expected to plummet. in washington d.c. temperatures are low a
business stories from around the world. a vote today will determine where boeing builds the bulk of its new 777x jetliners. in washington state will vote today. 22 states have offered incentives for boeing to relocate production. the heat is on. a big acquisition in the computer security industry. fireeye has bought closely held mandiant. the deal is they'll unite a little more than $1 billion. protect against hackers. builders are threatening to halt production on the hannah montana now. -- on the hannah montana -- on the panama canal. >> when we come back, phil mattingly is with us. he is a man whose pictures are -- it is 2014ell you, and i am excited. >> it is a big year for phil mattingly because congress has a lot to get done. that is what we will be talking about when we return. >> and it is a crucial vote today for boeing workers in washington state. we will see what is at stake. this is "market makers," back on bloomberg tv, streaming on your phone, tablet, and bloomberg.com. you can watch all our interview streaming live. ♪ >> you are watching "market on this friday in new york.
from pension and health care benefits, boeing says it needs the cuts to remain competitive, moving the 777x out of the state. more than 30,000 machinists cast their votes today. allen schauffler, what are you hearing about the vote? >> well, a lot of anticipation. a little bit of worry, too. a lot of people we talked to aren't really sure how this one is going to go. they're counting ballots in six different locations around western washington. this is one of them. they've wrapped up here but it's still taking place in other sites. these folks are expecting an announcement very, as you mentioned, how the vote is going to come out. the first vote was a resounding rejection of the boeing company's offer about 2 to 1. this one may be a little hard tore predict but they are not predicting a blowout either way. >> i think this is going to be a close one. they've put a lot of pressure to make a really tough decision. >> well i know a lot of no votes last time that are changing to yes just for you know fear of losing their jobs or fear of boeing leaving. >> yeah, this is video from a pre-
union of machinists and washington state has narrowly accepted a new contract from boeing that includes major concessions on pensions, health care benefits and wage growth. the union had rejected the previous offer by 67% in november. on then began soliciting bids from other states those production of its 777x aircraft. the firm also tweak its offer, adding an additional $5,000 bonus. on friday, the unit excepted the new contract with just 51% voting in favor. washington state had approved the largest corporate tax break by state to a single corporation and u.s. history to entice boeing. the measure hands going $8.7 billion worth of incentives through 2040 to build its new aircraft in washington. we'll have more on the boat with seattle's new socialist city councilmember kshama sawant later in the broadcast. the national security agency has declined to specify whether or not it is spying on congress. in response to an inquiry by independent senator bernie sanders, the nsa said members of congress have "the same privacy protections as all u.s. persons ." republican senator rand paul has
a new contract by a narrow 51% vote. that agreement means that boeing's triple 7 x, largest twin engine jet in the world will be built in washington state. but leaders for the machinist union had called on members to oppose the deal. dominic denatale has more. >> this bass a razor thin call. majority gained by a tiny count of 600 in favor. the ballot with 24,000 votes cast, the deal was universally unpopular with workers. those who voted for it largely felt obliged to keep jobs in puget sound where boeing is the biggest corporate employer. >> i think it's worth the gamble. we have the best mechanic, the best tooling. it's all right here. >> i think the main thing is trying to keep boeing in this local area and keep jobs going and benefit a large community. >> at a time when boeing is doing fabulousry well, you're asking our members to make serious financial concessions. >> reporter: this was the deal that they got in the end, the contract runs from 2016 to 2024. it replaces their current pension plan with a 401(k) type of plan. there is a $10,000 signing bonus and there is an additional
each other and voting on whether to make key concessions to boeing. the machine issue narrowly approved the plan for doing away with pension. bog will continue to make airlines in seattle. the company applied intense pressure and fielding more than 50 bids from 22 different states and all promising lower costs partially due to fewer union workers. it could be the beginning of a now trend for business versus big labor and just as democrats are relying on union support. andom nick is live for us in los angeles for this. dom? >> reporter: hey, there, harris,ine though the economy is in rebound. state officials are trying to make sure jobs are safe guarded. the officials who lobbied to keep production of triple x in washington state saved local jobs from heading elsewhere. that is depend if they want to retain their seats come reelection time. beauing pulled off a neat trick and awarded itself tax breaks and avoid future striking and wages and conditions for a whole ten years. with top notch manufacturing jobs vanishing here in the united states, other corporations could follow in their to
a high stake game of chicken in washington state. boeing's union blinked. the deal keeps the production of the jetliner and thousands of jobs local. it comes at a cost to pensions and health care. amanda price has more. >> it was a narrow vote. some boeing workers say the contract is a raw deal, and accused boeing of breaking its promises. >> we helped put the company where it is today, and we are not being - we are being pushed to the side. the contract divided the machinist union down the middle. 24,000 workers cast ballots. in the end. >> 51% yes vote. >> the margin was 600 votes. local union leaders say it's a blow to union power. the new contract will keep machinists working on the 777x in the seattle area through 2024, but with sacrifices. the union accepted 401k plans in lieu of pensions and members will lose some health care benefits. washington's leaders hailed the agreement as a win for the state. >> tonight washington state secured its future as the aerospace capital of the world. >> the fear that boeing could walk outweighed concessions. >> i felt pressure for the community.
. boeing and its union narrowly settling a contract dispute this week, ensuring the existence of thousands of jobs over the next ten years. critics, though, are calling this a major blow to union employees. so what is the deal. dominic di-natale has more. >> look, this even brought washington state politicians on bended knee to the unions, them saying it was vital to the economic future. and then it came down to a supremely narrow vote, yes, by just 600 votes. a 51%, just narrowly getting there. and it will be built in puget sound, boeing had looking at results in the contract dispute. now, the union called in its 30,000 members to reject the deal even if it had meant production moving out of state. in fact, long beach here in california was moving to this possible site. well, others were mixed about the deal. >> i think it is worth the gamble. we have the best mechanics and tooling. it is all right here in the puget sound. >> i think the main thing is to keep boeing in this local area and keep jobs and benefits going. a larger community. >> at a time when boeing is doing very, very well f
involved fears it may not be able to move through the ice. >>> boeing, union members set to vote whether they will build the next generation plane in washington state. dan springer from fox news has the story. before we look at that, we'll look at how world currencies are i standing up against the dollar. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? "hwell uhhh...." surise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. and she might have if notor kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number destying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. every year, millions of americans just like you learn that a little personal information in the wrong hands could wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. lifelock offers the most comprehensive identityhe proction available. jill ha lifelock's protection, she may have bn notified before it watoo late. life
of dollars are on the line today as machinist at boeing vote on a new contract. union members rejecting a similar proposal back in november. they are concerned about language in that plan that replaces their traditional pension plan with 401k's. the company says it will now look to move production of that jet elsewhere. one strategist saying that is putting a lot of pressure on the union to vote yes. >> they would lose millions of dollars in contribution to the international fund. boeing it would be really difficult for them to relocation a whole entire operation to another state, but states are offering big incentives and big tax breaks. >> the results of the vote are expected sometime tonight. >>> a lackluster end of the year for the big three auto makers. still the u.s. auto industry reporting its best year since before the recession. on wall street some solid gain for the blue chips, but they are starting to fade now. low volume expected because of the snow storm that has slammed the northeast. secretary of state john kerry overseas and his reception was anything but warm. a live re
30,000 machinists at boeing are voting on a contract. the outcome could have a big impact. boeing is exploring moving the production of the 777 out of the state. that's the news, i'm john siegenthaler, i'll see you 11:00 eastern time or eight pacific time. for more news go to aljazeera.com. >> on america tonight, he weathering the storm. , meet the benevolent volunteers who are helping the helpless. >> i love what i do. i do it all the time, snow, sleet, hurricane or not, i'm going to be out of here. >> also tonight they're called young invins ibltion. and the success of obamacare may depend on them. but who are they? and courting once again. downton abbey is back. fervent fans in full character as the dramatic saga continues. >> people who have no brirve brh heritage, look to the british as the penultimate of how to look and dress. >> good evening everyone, thanks for joining us. joie chen is on assignment. i'm adam may. on thursday we warned you about that massive storm bearing down on the east coast, it certainly lived up to its expectations. it blanketed the east obligate with
overseas where the growth is faster, this stock could go a lot higher. next up is boeing! here's a company run by a great, great man. that's jim mcnerney, a bankable ceo and i think it's about to have a phenomenal year. difficult after boeing already was the best performing stock in the dow last year, but the company is only in the second year of a plane cycle with the dreamliner. they will build them faster and cheaper, particularly as if it moves production out of washington. well, that's for other planes. but you never know. that means you're going to see earnings leverage galore for b.a. the dreamliner looks like a smashing success, especially when you consider all the they s sayers. the airline business has never been this healthy, and china is building airports left and right! like there's no tomorrow. this is boeing's time, people. and let's not forget the average cycle lasts seven years before the profits peak. for the dreamliner, hey that's five years away. i see the stock going to $170 by year end. nice move for the 130s. number four, very controversial, is caterpillar. i have to
congestion and weather. it's still not clear which of 22 states will be chosen by boeing to build its triple-7-x jet. south carolina is out. tomorrow machinists union workers in alabama vote on whether they would be willing to work under boeing's conditions to locate a 10-billion dollar plant there. the commercial jet manufacturer started the search for a home for the new factory after reaching an impasse with its union at its main production plant in washington state. those workers vote again tomorrow on boeing's offer.the company has said it will keep operations in puget sound if its union votes yes. spacex -- a private manufacturer of rockets and spacecraft based in california -- is launching its first rocket of the new year tomorrow. called falcon 9, the rocket will be carrying a satellite on behalf of the largest telecommunications company in thailand. the new satellite, named thaicom 6, will provide satellite t-v service for parts of asia and southern africa. spacex was founded in 20-02 by elon musk of tesla fame. the company has another 50 launches scheduled. the city of detroit is ba
contract to build boeing's triple-7-x aircraft in the puget sound area. this comes after 22-states have tried to lure boeing production work, since the vote.local machinists may not go along, though. some say the offer is no less filled with pension freezes and other concessions.observers say the international sees the possibility of losing millions of dollars in union dues if boeing jobs are moved to state where unions are weaker. manufacturing in the u-s is picking up steam. though the institute for supply management index of manufacturing activity slipped to 57 in december from 57-point-three in november.the number remains the second- highest reading in the past two-and-a-half years. and growth expanded for six straight months previously. any reading above 50 signals growth, according to the i-s-m. economists say growth should last through 20-14, as americans make bigger purchases on homes, cars, and household goods after holding back during the sluggish economy. "problem" brokers are at risk of getting the boot from wall street. the financial industry regulatory authority or "finra"
taking place today in washington state. union machinest at boeing will decide whether to accept a contract. the carrot in the deal, boeing says if the unit goes along, the company will build the 777 x jets in the seattle area. local union officials are urging 30,000 members to oppose the deal saying they have to give up too much while company profits are sky high. boeing has already begun exploring moving the 777 x assembly to other states if the union rejects this latest contract offer. >>> after getting slammed by the recession and hit hard by the housing crisis, las vegas is now betting big with new hotels, casinos and complexes. will 2014 be a strong year for sin city? jane wells went to las vegas. >> reporter: las vegas, america's adult disneyland is showing signs of life. >> we saw an improvement in 13. >> reporter: nearly 40 million people visited sin city, a new record that should be topped this year. hotel rooms rates are going up and $9 billion in development projects in the works. the recovery is a tale of two cities. the vegas for americans is doing okay with revenue
battalios at that point he left knowing that in order for peru to be yeaee he would h boe to mme pe himself scarce which is exactly what he did. he left in the midselle of the >> hr waited ab little while and eventually went down to abefentina and then went into exile in france. it is one of the great moments in history when you h boe to liberators sitting in the same room and really of buying for authority. thank you. rttal what happened to slavery? did they take the haitian advice and in slavery? rttal immediately. although a lot of it was immediate in word and not actual ac the it was hard for some pdidple to let go. you have to imagine the revoson they had been told that if they join the army there will been freed immediately. it is so interesting that so f s let americans -- and i have come across this, don't realirar that it was really the blasic forces, indian forces that won the revolution. i h boe had great poets s is to me, how can you speak such rubbish? all of those white arifor man.r, it was the battalion. blacks and mestizos and indians who actually won the ring beoluc won the
lead right now. it is a big day for boeing. to be voting for a third time on a new contract that would enable production on the 777. that would begin next year in washington. if they say yes, they will get a bonus and a contract extension. , boeing willo likely move production to another state and washington will face a credit ratings downgrade. that is how big the stakes are. this is the third time union workers are coming together trying to vote on this thing. why is it so hard to get this done? >> when you talk about workers, a large percent are getting close to retirement. they don't want to make any changes. the younger workers see more jobs for the future. it is an intrigue union issue. -- interest-union issue. the airplane is going to get built. it is an issue of jobs, basically. washington makes it not business friendly accra we have seen so many companies move their headquarters to the state. >> asked boeing why they move to chicago. that was a message in terms of taxes and things like that. this vote is going to be important because if it does not go boeing cost way, they wil
alert. 31,000 union machinists in washington state are voting today on a contract to build boeing's new 777x. boeing's offer would cut some pension and health care benefits for workers. union leaders are telling them to reject the deal. but boeing says this is the union's last chance. if they turn down this offer, boeing will build the 777x somewhere else. boeing's stock ending the day slightly higher. and larry, we could get the results of the vote later this evening. something to watch. >> all right. great. maybe the dotcom will be carrying that. seema mody, thank you very much. as always. let's talk some more about stocks. market closed mixed today on the heels of ben bernanke's positive economic comments. i'm joined now by lee munson, chief investment officer portfolio llc and jim la camp, senior vice president of investments at ubs. lee munson, i know car sales were soft today. okay. but almost every other stat tells me we're coming into the new year with a lot of economic growth momentum. in your judgment, a-s that true? but b, why is the market so sloppy this week? >> well, i thi
related. friday night, there was an interesting vote in seattle where the machinists, boeing workers, agreed to give back some benefits that have been won in previous contract negotiations to give them back in order to keep production of the new triple 7 x airplane, airliner in their factories, so they can continue to'ing the work. george, how significant do you think that is? >> very significant. it's an example of what is entrepreneurial federalism. 22 states lined up. most of them, if not all of them, work states, lined up to lure boeing's production facilities down there, holidays and charleston, south carolina. you fly in and out of the airport. you fly with this enormous boeing plant, where they are building these plans. the fact is capital is mobile. it goes where it is welcomed and stays where it is well treated. and the unions had to flinch because the, indeed, entrepreneurial federalism is working. liberalists say this is race to the bottom. others say it's a race to rationalality in economics. >> what happened, what's interesting is they made their first offer, boeing did,
. provide night there was a very interesting vote in seattle where the machinists boeing workers agreed give back some benefits in a have been won in previous contract negotiation, to give them back in order to keep production of the new triple 7-x airplane, airliner, in their factory. so they could continue doing the work. george, how significant do you think that is? >> i think it is very significant. example of what is called entrepreneur reppial federalism. for 22 states lined up, most of them, if not all of them, lined up to lure boeing's production facilities down there. i just spent holidays in charles ton, south carolina, fly in and out airport and fly with this enormous boeing plan, they are building some of these new plants. the pact is capital is mobile. it goes where it is welcomed and stays where it is well-treated. and in unions had to flinch because the -- indeed entrepreneurial federalism was working. now, liberals say this is a race to the bottom. others of us say it is a race towards irrational in economics. >> what happened is interesting is that they made their first offe
the launch of an in car advertising solution. >> let's talk about boeing -- shares up to date after the plane maker reported it delivered 648 new airplanes in 2013, an all-time record. boeing reached a deal with its largest union which will allow the company to avoid disruptions for the planned 777. we will have more on the union deal with the governor of washington state. he will join us later on in the hour. >> number two, general elections -- general electric down nearly 1%. they are going to expand their lifestyle -- life science unit. are at our number one stock of the day -- it is serious ask liberty media one-stroke wire full ownership of the satellite radio broadcaster. lebron made an offer last week. we'll give liberty access to a , we havee of capital leo hindery on hand to help. we are starting to see the final confirmation vote for the new incoming air chairman of the federal reserve for janet yellen. momentarily, larry summers, the former treasury secretary will be joining us to talk a little bit about what we can expect in the months ahead from ms. yellen. we want to get some ad
. >>> a union divided. boeing workers forced to make a tough decision, take a cut in benefits or possibly lose their jobs. the vote was close. up next, find out if union members are willing to stand up to their bosses. your rheumatologist about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. for many adults, humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problem serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you li
, phil we got to ask you about auto sales. then of course the big boeing union vote coming up tonight. there seems to be no other way to describe these numbers than a big disappointment. >> a big disappointment when you look just at the month of december. keep in mind, we had such a huge thanksgiving weekend and such strong numbers in november that most people were expecting some type of a payback. a little bit on the disappointing side when you look at the number of sales, vehicles sold last month. and when you look at the whole year, though, 15.6 million were sold. think back to four years ago kelly, total sales for the year of 2009 10.5 million. this industry's come a long way in just four years. >> they're going to sell cars in cuba again. what about the classic cars -- guys coveting the cars they've been driving in cuba for the last 50 years, right? >> you know somebody wants to get their hands on some of those used vehicles. listen, they're not going to see huge sales down there. a number of people in the auto industry have said all along listen if that economy
. phone versus plastic. which wins the security test? boeing -- crucial vote today over where it is going to make its next big jetty the 777. i hope you already brought your new york apartment. professional bull riders are coming right here to new york city. first up, the snow and lots of it. plenty of subzero windchill. hundreds of canceledgh
application and we want that industry to continue to be located here in the state. >> you have boeing, very active in washington. what is it about nevada, what kind of business will you help develop? >> our birthright comes from the testing. admittedly, we are not as robust as we would be in other states for the manufacturing. when you consider what is in california, lockheed martin, boeing in the northwest, that is where the vast majority of the manufacturing of the defense platforms has taken place. what we do here in nevada extremely well is offer up a testbed and testing services and the ability for those companies, but companies like air environment and a lot of those industries and entities looking at strictly commercial civilian applications. they cannot test those traditional dod assets, so they need a place to be able to vet those technologies. the ability to offer that up and the ability for -- you can test what you need to test here and we can provide the services for you and provide the expertise. >> how were the other states chosen? >> congress mandated that the faa choose a va
korea while boeing machinists have approved of labor agreement that ensures the company's latest jetliner will continue to be built in the us state of washington. the contract docile save thousands of jobs and get it and gets millions of us dollars in economic activity to the states however in exchange the workers had conceded their pensions and healthcare benefits from thirty one thousand machinists voted on the crucial contract was fifty one percent choosing to accept the offer and forty nine percent opposed. one this deal guarantees boeing will build its new triple seven acts that minor and wanes in the seattle area through to twenty twenty four local union officials had opposed the proposal arguing that this amended till lunch at a time when a company is profitable. bullying has built an impasse in the seattle area for more than ninety years. it isn't out to cambodia at the governor of the capital phnom penh has bent the country's main opposition party from holding any more protests in the capital citing security concerns in a letter to the opposition national rescue party le
flight. >> and harness our technology for new energy solutions. >> around the globe, the people of boeing are working together to build a better tomorrow. > that's why we're here. >> additional corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by prudential. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to pbs stations from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, sitting in for gwen ifill this week, john harwood of cnbc and the "new york times." john: good evening. the great political cartoonist once responded to president nixon's election by drawing him with a clean shave, a fresh start. that's what the obama white house wants. but they need to get busy to take advantage. from health care reform to middle east peace to midterm election, they have their hands full. i'll go around the table to take domestically, what's the first thing president obama needs to do? >> he might want to start by kicking it off with the state of the union but i think march is going to be on his why. why? the mana
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